Case Study

Market Pilot for One of China’s Largest IT Firms:
Ivy Technology Partners worked with one of China’s largest IT services firms to develop a market entry strategy for the US market.  ITP helped the firm develop an initial value proposition for the US market, country-specific marketing materials and a targeted suspect database.  ITP set up an inside sales team for the company; managed this team for several months and finally transitioned management of this team back to the company.
Sales Training for One of the World’s Largest Software Companies:
Ivy Technology Partners worked with our strategic partner SellMasters to develop customized prospecting training for one of the world’s top software firms.  The firm needed its field sales force to be more effective at breaking into new accounts.  The training produced a dramatic ROI of 3,500% for the investment made with ITP.  The sales pipeline was improved within three months of the sales training taking place.
New York Sales Coverage for a European Software Firm:
Ivy Technology Partners worked with an innovative European software company wishing to expand their penetration of the Wall Street market. Ivy worked in combination with the firm’s sales representatives to open the door to senior decision-makers in the business and technology function within “bulge bracket” Wall Street banks. The firm’s sales pipeline continues to fill and the firm’s “Rolodex” has improved significantly.
Start-Up Software Firm Enters Market:
We worked with a start-up firm to gain initial feedback for their product from a select group of Managing Director-level decision-makers in large Wall Street firms. We then worked with the company’s founders to take the product to market to secure Beta customers. The company has now gained commitment from initial Beta clients.
Infrastructure Consulting Firm:
Ivy worked with a small but well-established infrastructure services firm to revamp their complete marketing package. We documented dozens of case histories that the company had successfully completed but never used in its marketing. We worked with the firm’s New York sales team to package these successes in a direct marketing letter that we targeted at asset managers in the tri-state region. Finally, we drew up the outline for a new website for the firm to take advantage of their new marketing material.
Opening the Door to the Hedge Fund Industry:
Ivy worked with a start-up software firm to open doors to the hedge fund industry. We then worked with the company’s founders to take the product to market to secure Beta customers. The company has now gained commitment from initial Beta clients.
Sales Improvement for a Wall Street IT Services Firm:
Ivy Technology Partners worked with a well established IT services firm that specializes in serving Wall Street banks.  We analyzed gaps in the firm’s sales and marketing approaches and recommended solutions.  We developed a customized sales process for the company, a new positioning statement, new marketing collateral (printed and website), an improved suspect database, and helped the company recruit additional sales and marketing staff to execute a reinvigorated push into the market.
Moving into the Financial Vertical:
We worked with a 100-person e-business development firm with a strong track record in delivering solutions to the retail/fashion industry. The firm built the website for a major department store and advised the leading retailer on online strategy. We worked with the firm to develop their positioning so that they could approach the financial services industry. Then we produced the marketing collateral they needed to approach these firms.
Business & Sales Strategy:
We worked closely with an IT services firm to advise senior management on strategic direction for the company. We worked on the details of the company’s business plan, marketing plan and sales plan. The company has closed several projects based on these approaches.
Sales Tool Development:
We helped this well-established IT services develop case studies of some of its key projects.  These case studies were later used in a very targeted email campaign.
Adding Sales Skills:
We developed and executed a sales training class for this technology provider. The sales team has since successfully increased its project sales pipeline.