Last week was a good week.  It was one of those weeks when leads popped up all at once on several prospecting efforts.

My first feeling was “Why can’t every week be like this?”

But every week in selling is not like this because some components of the sales process are sequential.

When launching a new prospecting campaign there is inevitably a delay until leads start to come in.  It is during this delay that people in the sales team and management start to get uncomfortable.  People often start questioning the whole campaign.  Often I will hear “we must be doing something wrong” or “maybe we need to rework our message” or “this maybe our sales people are not the right people”.

But once the first few big sales are made everyone changes their tune to one of praising the very same sales team they previously doubted.

Sales people and managers need to be patient.  Everyone is under pressure to bring in revenue but panicking during the inevitable sales cycle will not improve results, in fact it will do quite the opposite.  Constant reworking of your message, or changing the target list, or changing the sales team will greatly lengthen the sales cycle — not reduce it.

So for success in prospecting — be patient.


  1. yeah! i agree…im working as a sales agent for 3 years and all things work good, but when the time of recession come, the sales decreases company fires me out as to cut employee. i said Ive done nothing wrong but why? why me? it is just to test my patience. now i am the sales supervisor of the same company.

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