Find Areas of Improvement in Your Sales and Marketing Approach:
Through our Selling Machine Inspection service we analyze your current sales and marketing approaches and recommend how they can be improved. The basic version of this service is FREE to IT companies as our way to start building our relationship.
Improve Your Sales and Marketing Approach:
Through our Selling Machine Tune-Up & Repair service we work with you to improve the key areas of your sales and marketing approaches. We will work in conjunction with your team to convert your operations to a more effective selling machine.
Bring in Top Sales Professionals to get you started:
We act as Selling Machine Test Pilots, not just consultants. We truly partner with our clients to improve their success. As appropriate we will “roll up our sleeves” and take various roles in your marketing and sales organization on an interim basis to test pilot your new marketing and sales machine. Our roles include marketing management, setting up sales meetings and running sales meetings (all as appropriate to your situation and preferences).
Improve Your Sales People’s Skills:
We call our sales training Selling Personnel Tuning. We know it is critical that the people who operate your “selling machine” our performing optimally. To this end we offer sales training on the complete sales cycle, including prospecting, discovery, qualifying and closing. Our training modules include modules to convert “product” sales people to “solution sales people”.
Upgrade the Tools your Sales people use:
We work with you to develop a Selling Toolbox develop case studies, white papers and corporate slicks to help your sales people be more effective.
Helping to hire a Full-Time Team:
Finding good sales people is very difficult. We help you define the people you need to operate your “selling machine” (hint: our definitions make it easier to find people) and we help you develop compensation plans for these people